Believe it or not it was only yesterday that I stopped and realised that the year is almost out.   This thought becomes a little scary when I think about all the amazing new things I still have to share with you before we welcome in 2011.  That said, the idea of long days at the beach, BBQs, festivals and quality time spent with friends and family has made me more than a little excited.  And I almost forgot my fave thing of all about the holidays… gifts!

So in the spirit of giving, I am so excited to bring you our very first official MIISHKA gift-voucher!  Specially designed for the upcoming holiday season and the perfect gift idea for your friends and/or loved ones.   We have a limited number only with amounts ranging from $20 – $100.  Valid for 3 months.

To purchase one of these vouchers simply email me at – and make giving that little bit easier.

I don’t know about you but as of today my end of year countdown has begun..