NY Fash Week

To be honest, this year’s New York Spring Fashion Week didn’t do it for me.  I’ve spent days trawling the net and checking in with the experts (Bryanboy, Jack and Jil, Tavi, Garance Dore et al) awaiting an ‘ooo’ or ‘ahhh’ moment, it didn’t happen.  Besides the usual PR/Media circus that surrounds any global fashion week and the usual bevvy of front row celebs (que the entire cast of Gossip Girl) the fashion didn’t excite – not for me anyway.  There were the usual performers – Alexander Wang who did his cool minimalist thing brilliantly,  as always, and super talented Marc Jacobs who looked as though he was mixing St Tropez ritz with Ghetto Fabulousness.  It was also amazing to see our girl Bambi rocking the Concrete Jungle, but for me the real fashion was on the street, hanging out the front of the shows and I suspect, a lot further than that.