Over the weekend we shot our very first official accessories collection.  I have had so many emails in recent months, requesting that we start an accessories line and truthfully it’s not that I haven’t wanted to do one but more that I didn’t want to rush the process.  I felt I needed to dedicate time to the fashion, to establish a trust where you know you can always come to a place to enjoy and find inspiration in beautiful clothes.

So now, I feel so ready and excited to introduce a line of super cool pieces that reflect the bohemian chic vibe I love so much.  And on the subject of love, you can expect to see a lot of hearts making their way into this first collection (and in all the ones that follow) from one-of-a-kind heart shaped rings to charms and my fave – heart shaped cracked coloured stone set rings.  There is even a new love heart in the MIISHKA tab now!

The official ‘LOVE collection’ will be available to buy next Friday with a preview first early next week.  I can’t wait..

Hope you’re week is already off to a perfect start.


Update: check out my latest bohemian fashion inspired post. Mx