voyageur.. the beginning.

(vintage 60s freedom mini-dress, vintage american indian cow-hide suede leather shoulder bag)


(vintage watermelon felt hat, vintage 90s fishnet cape with leather floral studs, new topshop LBD, bottega veneta creepers)

I travel A LOT and almost always feel a small sense of dread returning home, that whole going back to the world of normality and routine.  But not this time.  My business is such a huge part of who I am now and getting to do what I love most in the world means I miss it just as much as all those other important things in life.  So here it is.  A first little look at our Voyageur collection. French for ‘traveller’ this collection perfectly encapsulates my global adventures over the past three months.  Each piece tells the story of a time and place, and the sense of feedom in being lost in the world for a while.