(new state of georgia wonder woman tutu skirt)

(new state of georgia jeremiah jumpsuit) 

(new state of georgia wonder woman tutu dress)

(vintage neon striped one-piece, american flag print denim shorts)

(new toi-et-moi tee, evil twin denim shorts)

(vintage faux-leather zip vest, new arnsdorf denims shorts)

(vintage faux fur vest, new lola vs harper mini-skirt)

(vintage pastel pink satin and lace maxi-skirt)

(vintage burnt orange satin & lace tiered max skirt)

(vintage top, leather pencil skirt)

(new finders keepers dress)

(vintage chiffon LBD)

(vintage 80s disco dress)

(vintage 60s red mini-dress)

(new fairground dress)

(vintage mini-dress)

(vintage bon jovi band tee)

(vintage 60s canvas set)

I can’t stop thinking about all the amazing women in my life.  And I’m not just talking about family and friends – both of which consist of wildly smart, divine and goddess like women.  But through this thing I do (apparently it’s called work) my days are filled encountering talented, inspirational females from customers, suppliers, designers, producers, photographers, models, other online sellers, editors, writers, bloggers.. the list goes on.  So as this new collection celebrates all things Summer with nothing but popping colours and out of this world dresses for all occasions including the much anticipated key pieces from State of Georgia Summer 2012, I’m dedicating this collection to you.. and the wonder woman each and every one of you are.