It starts with a bang

(location: White Elephant Arts Space – Brunswick, Melbourne, photography: Devika Bilimoria, model: Kassandra Clementi, hair & make-up: Bianca Mallia, clothes @MIISHKA)

Welcome to the visual feast that is/will be MIISHKA.  At the heart of this venture is the passionate collection of one-off vintage treasures from home and overseas.  The collection is vast and ever-changing, spanning over 70 years of fashion.  All items have been hand picked for their style, quality, wearability but most importantly with one thought in mind – to take fashion from the past & create exciting new trends for the future.  On one hand you’ll see fabulous 1960s hand embroidered sequinned gowns best worn with beautifully natural skin, a handful of wire thin bangles (just above the elbow) and the barest of feet and on the other a pair of 80s green tie-die leggings featuring lace flares sourced in the mountains of New Zealand and paired with the cosiest 70s snow white woolen knit.  The point is there are no rules, just beautiful, accessible one-of-a-kind vintage fashion.

And while the clothes are the heart; collaboration, creating and sharing all things imaginative & inspiring is the soul of this project.  Expect some amazing photography, styling, street fashion, music & art.  And hopefully something a little unexpected..


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